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How to contribute⚓︎

By constructing a consistent set of location identifiers from 1990 to the present, the SHRUG makes it easy to link new data sources to all the fields already available on our website. Do you have air pollution data spanning all of India? You can link it to hundreds of other socioeconomic fields via the SHRUG. Even better, if you post your data with SHRUG identifiers, everyone else using the SHRUG will be able to use your data on air pollution to benefit their research – and you’ll get cited for your contribution.

We know that putting data together is hard and we want to make sure you get cited for your work. There are two ways to make this happen: 1. If you post your data with SHRUG identifiers (which currently identify towns, villages, or legislative assemblies), we can link to your data from this site. This makes it easy for other people to find and use your data, and cite you for your work. 2. If your data has national coverage or has high general interest, we can include it in a future release of the SHRUG. When people download data from the SHRUG, we automatically generate a list of citations, which will include your paper whenever people download your data. Integrating your data with the SHRUG in this way will help maximize the impact of your work.

Before going through the checklist, please reach out to us about whether it makes sense for you to apply to integrate your data into the core SHRUG by emailing Once we give you a green light, follow the checklist steps here.