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ADR AC-level Affidavits⚓︎

Table Summary⚓︎

Data on political candidate characteristics from affidavits collapsed to Assembly Constituency.

Table Information⚓︎

Aggregation Level File Name Unique Identifiers
native affidavits_ac.dta ac_id, year

Variable Information⚓︎

Variable Name Description
nan nan
pc01_state_name PC01 state name
adr_district_name ADR district name
adr_con_name ADR constituency name
ac07_id SHRUG 2007 Delimitation constituency id
ac08_id SHRUG 2008 Delimitation constituency id
ac_id Combined SHRUG 2007/2008 constituency id
con_id_joint Joint constituency ID
year Year
bye_election Bye-election
winner_net_assets Winner net assets
winner_assets Winner assets
winner_liabilities Winner liabilities
winner_age Winner age
winner_any_crim Winner: Any crime
winner_num_crim Winner: Number of crimes
winner_hs_grad Winner: HS grad
winner_ed Winner: Education
mean_net_assets AC-level mean: net Assets at Election 1 (Total Assets - Total Liabilities)
mean_assets AC-level mean: total assets from affidavits
mean_liabilities AC-level mean: total liabilities from affidavits
mean_age AC-level mean: age from affidavits
mean_any_crim AC-level mean: any crime
mean_num_crim AC-level mean: number of open charges listed on affidavit
mean_hs_grad AC-level mean: high school graduate
mean_ed AC-level mean: candidate education from affidavit
pc01_state_id State id (population census) - first string taken during collapse to AC