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RBI Bank Branch Data⚓︎

Table Summary⚓︎

Data on bank branches from the Reserve Bank of India

Table Information⚓︎

Aggregation Level File Name Unique Identifiers
native rbi_directory_shrid.dta rbi_serial_number

Variable Information⚓︎

Variable Name Description
nan nan
rbi_serial_number Serial Number of the bank branch/office
rbi_region Region of the bank branch/office
rbi_bank_group Category of the commercial bank
rbi_bank Name of the bank branch
rbi_branch Name of the bank branch/office based on the locality
rbi_part1code Unique id of the bank branch/office
rbi_part2code Unique id of the banked center
rbi_pincode Pincode of the location of bank branch/office-Extracted from rbi_address
rbi_population_group Classification of center based on population size
rbi_date_of_open Date of existence of branch with the present bank
rbi_ad_category Authorised Dealer Category
rbi_license_no License Number of the bank branch/office
rbi_license_date Licence Date of the branch/office with the present bank
rbi_address Branch address
rbi_branch_office Category of branch or office