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ADR Candidate Affidavits⚓︎

Table Summary⚓︎

Data on political candidate characteristics (chiefly, assets and criminal charges) from affidavits filed with the Electoral Commission of India from 2003-2017. Merges to election results data on sh_cand_id / sh_election_id, and to SHRUG on ac07_id / ac08_id.

Table Information⚓︎

Aggregation Level File Name Unique Identifiers
native affidavits_clean.dta adr_cand_id, ac_id, year

Variable Information⚓︎

Variable Name Description
nan nan
year Year
ac_id Combined SHRUG 2007/2008 constituency id
adr_cand_id Candidate ID on ADR site
pc01_state_id State id (population census)
ac08_id SHRUG 2008 Delimitation constituency id
ac07_id SHRUG 2007 Delimitation constituency id
adr_district_name District name as listed on ADR
adr_con_name Constitutency name as listed on ADR
adr_cand_name Candidate name as listed on ADR
liabilities Candidate total liabilities from affidavit
age Candidate age from affidavit
cash Cash holdings in Rs
income Total income reported in income tax return in Rs
num_crim Number of open charges listed on affidavit
relation Son of / daughter of / wife of
address Candidate address
party Affiliated political party
assets Candidate total assets from affidavit
winner 1=Constituency winner according to ADR
bye_election Bye election indicator
crime_major Major crime
crime_major_adr Major crime (ADR)
ed Candidate education from affidavit
source Affidavit data source
bye_election_date Bye-election information of constitutency from candidate list page
self_profession Profession of the candidate from candidate detailed info page
spouse_profession Profession of the candidate's spouse from candidate detailed info page
punishment Years punishment (50=max) for IPC section with max punishment
adr_unique_id Candidate identifier used by ADR, not used in SHRUG
sh_cand_id SHRUG candidate id for candidates matched to ECI election results data
sh_election_id Unique election id (state-assemblyno-ac_id-poll_no)