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Trivedi election-level⚓︎

Table Summary⚓︎

Data on election winners from the Trivedi Center for Political Data

Table Information⚓︎

Aggregation Level File Name Unique Identifiers
native trivedi_elections_clean.dta sh_election_id

Variable Information⚓︎

Variable Name Description
nan nan
pc01_state_id 2001 Census State ID (population census)
ac07_id SHRUG 2007 Delimitation constituency id
ac08_id SHRUG 2008 Delimitation constituency id
tr_ac_id Trivedi / Election Commission constituency id
sh_election_id Unique election id (state-assemblyno-ac_id-poll_no). The SHRUG identifiers and constituency names consistently identify a constituency over time. The variable uniquely identifies an election and takes the form ss-nn-aaa[-p], where: ss is the state code, nn is the assembly number (i.e. 1st assembly, 2nd assembly, etc.) aaa is the SHRUG constituency identifier, and p is the optional poll number, used only for bye-elections.
winner_cand_id Unique candidate id (election_id + position). The SHRUG identifiers and constituency names consistently identify a constituency over time
eci_state_name State name
tr_ac_name Trivedi / Election Commission constituency name
constituency_type Constituency reservation type
tr_district_name District name (trivedi)
sub_region Sub region assigned by TCPD
delimid Delimitation ID (1: years 1962-1963, 2: years 1964-1972, 3: years 1973-2007, 4: years 2008 - current)
assembly_no Assembly number
year Election Year
month Election month
poll_no Poll no (for bye elections)
bye_election Bye election indicator
n_cand Number of candidates
turnout_percentage Voter turnout percentage
enop Effective number of parties (derived from vote shares of each candidate in a constituency)
winner_name Name of winning candidate
winner_sex Sex of winning candidate
winner_party Party of winning candidate
winner_votes Votes for winning candidate
winner_age Age of winning candidate
winner_type Caste classification of winning candidate
winner_valid_votes Valid votes for winning candidate
winner_electors Electors for winning candidate
winner_vshare Vote share for winning candidate
pc01_district_name District name (population census)
pc01_district_id District id (population census)
ac07_name SHRUG time-invariant constituency name (2007)
ac08_name SHRUG time-invariant constituency name (2008).
ac_id Combined SHRUG 2007/2008 constituency id